PrintCreamsicle Smoothie This smoothie was created by my hubbie! We love to get as many fruits and veggies into the kids’ day, so he created this amazing smoothie. Everyone loves it and you bet, it tastes just like a creamsicle! It is a huge hit! Ingredients5 peeled organic carrots 5 organic apples 1 peeled banana […]

PrintAcai Power Smoothie This little purple berry packs a fantastic health punch and is delicious to boot! It is loaded with omegas, antioxidants and nutrients that are leaky gut approved and linked to helping health issues too! Ingredients1 cup of Sambazon Acai Juice 1 cup of organic coconut, rice, or goat milk, apple juice or […]


“Dr. Lisa, What is a healthy breakfast idea for my family and me that gives the most brain boost and is very easy to make. We are out the door very early to work and school. Our issues are some do not want to eat yet and another just does not make enough time to […]

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Are you getting the nutrients you need? Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies have been shown to suppress our immune system function, which can contribute to a variety of degenerative process such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes (just to name a few). You may be deficient and not even know it! University research shows […]

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If your child is struggling with challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, ADHD and/or SPD, you don’t want to miss out. Allow our highly experienced speakers to teach you the skills to successfully help your child shine at home and in school. What You Will Learn In The Autism Spectrum Rocks Summit   Strategies that Prevent Anxiety […]

Chocolate Easter Bunny in a Basket with Assorted Candy

“Dr. Lisa, I am worried about all the candy that my child will receive from the Easter Bunny. My main concern is that most of the candy he loves has ingredients that I hear are harmful and banned in other countries! Is this true, and if so, what can my son have in his Easter […]



“Dr Lisa, I have to be honest. Some days having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders feels like I am living in the middle of unexpected  tornadoes, never knowing at any moment that my world can be thrown into heart wrenching chaos. I love my son more than anything, but I feel like my world […]

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    “Dr. Lisa, as I am thinking about the upcoming New Year, I can’t help but reflect back to this year and all my bad days being a mom. This year I seriously lost it many times. I turned into a crazy woman and I am starting to think I am not meant to […]


“Dr. Lisa, My son has ADHD and is very impulsive. He is the “class clown” and does not have many friends. He tends to be picked on and he reacts negatively toward this. It seems his feelings get hurt and he lashes back at the other child. He struggles socially. How can I help him […]

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“Dr. Lisa, my son is 7 and has a habit of going up to his friends and squeezing, touching or even pushing his friends. This seems to be annoying his friends and I am afraid if he does not stop this behavior, he will be the kid who the other boys do not want to […]