Homework Survival Course

December 4, 2015

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to get your child to do homework?

Do you wish you had a magic wand to solve homework problems?

If so, you are in the right place.

Allow me to show you how to stop the madness.

By the end of the Homework Survival Course you’ll:

  • Learn exactly how to overcome higher executive functioning problems such as organizing and multitasking
  • Implement successful solutions that will stop the excuses, meltdowns and drama in 6 EASY STEPS
  • Master how to create and follow through with  homework rules that work
  • Begin to use strategies that get the homework from school to home and back to school withe ease
  • Know how to prevent power struggles and arguments and have a happier child
  • Understand step-by-step instructions how to create an effective reward system
  • Feel super confident knowing how to embrace and include your child’s teacher
  • Learn solutions on how to teach your child successful homework skills and agree that punishments do not get your child to listen, but my secret strategies do

You also will have access to my popular printable charts as an epic bonus

  • Homework Rule Chart example and printable template
  • Homework Behavior Chart example and printable template

Stopping Homework Madness Has Just Become Insanely Easy for You

Listen, I know how homework can be ever so dreadful. I was right where you are for many years in fact. Over much trials and tribulations, I figured out what works and what does not. I taught myself how to create a homework system that created clarity, consistency and success for Luke, me and his teachers.

I know the Homeowner Survival Course is successful because I created it over years of trying to figure out how to help my son, making so many mistakes and mishaps along the way. Today, I have mastered teaching him and his teachers the skills to stop all homework problems and want to share them with you.

You have access to the key to stopping the madness without mistakes and mishaps. Join the many parents I have helped over the years create homework success for now and in the school years ahead.

Don’t make the BIGGEST mistake man parents do thinking homework problems will just go away, because if anything when left alone, they only get worse.

Your solution is here in 6 EASY STEPS, and I look forward to you joining me in class.


Homework Survival Course


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