Your One Hour Consultation with Dr Lisa

Let's sit down together to discuss your health concerns.

Take some time to meet with me video style where we can discuss the problems you and your child are experiencing. Whether you child is struggling with anxiety, behavior or attention issues or you child is having difficulty fitting in and making friends, we can openly talk about it.

Perhaps your child may be struggling at school and you are unsure how to communicate with the teacher to help your child overcome any school related issues. If these issues are occurring over and over, most likely all that is needed is an effective preventive management plan where you, your child and the teacher work together.

The following are the three types of consultations I offer, but I will let you know how I can help once I listen to what is really go on in your world.

 Your One Hour Consultations with Dr. Lisa

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Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Testing

In this consultation we will discuss your interest in discovering any vitamin or mineral deficiencies your child may be experiencing. Many deficiencies can create underlying health problems such as poor attention, anxiety behavior and ability to self-regulate. Many children with spectrum issues are picky eaters, leaving their food choices very limited. This unfortunately quite often creates nutrient deficiencies especially of those needed for attention, anxiety and ability to self-regulate. I offer lab testing and a program where I create a diet plan specifically according to the lab results and deficiencies found. Together, we will also work with helping a picky eater find a love for new foods.

The Kind Gut™ Program

The Kind Gut™ is my successful one-on-one leaky gut and vitamin testing program. A leaky gut refers to a gut that due to either a food trigger or an emotional trigger (such as anxiety, anger or stress) is being attacked by the body. What occurs here is that a trigger such as a certain food or emotion causes an immune response in the gut. This response creates inflammation and the release of harmful particles that harm the cell of the gut walls. These particle can travel to the brain creating problems such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and inattention by attacking the brain. They also can create other health problems such as skin, thyroid, muscle and joint problems. During this consultation we can discuss my leaky gut program which focuses on healing the gut walls and stopping the inflammation, thus calming down and preventing health problems. We also address the importance of detecting vitamin, mineral, thyroid and hormone imbalances.

Autism Spectrum Coaching Program

During you consultation we will discuss an effective ASD plan I would create upon working together. This plan would focus on tackling the very problems your child is going through. My management plans typically include an academic, behavior, social, anxiety and nutritional plan depending upon your child's specific needs. We will address problems in the classroom, anxiety, behavior, social and family issues and use strategies that will teach your child the very skills he/she needs to overcome his/her problems and shine!

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 Your One Hour Consultations with Dr. Lisa

ON SALE  $99 (regular $200)

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If you would like a consultation in my office in person with me, simply make your consultation appointment by calling my office @ 732-477-5888. We look forward to it!