MTHFR Consultation

Thank You for Attending Live MTHFR Workshop

You amaze me. Your determination and passion to learn more about causes of your or your child's health inspires me to do what I do. So many of us take supplements hoping for positive benefits, but we do this not knowing what nutrients we are low or high in. We also have no idea in certain instances if something like an MTHFR could be the cause of nutrient deficiencies which is why testing for both is crucial today.

Your desire to learn more and be proactive rocks!

You now know what MTHFR is, why testing is necessary and how your or your child's health concerns may be connected. There is no one cookie cutter fix. In order for you to get to the root possible causes of your or your child's health concerns, you have to take the time to sit with me so we can determine the best path for YOU.


As a way for saying thank- you for attending our MTHFR workshop, I am offering you a 60 minute MTHFR consultation with me in my office or via Skype /FaceTime for $49. During this time we will discuss your health concerns in depth and if MTHFR may a possible cause.