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The 7 Day How to Eat Healthy Quickstart

The 7 Day How to Eat Healthy Quickstart is a free step-by-step email challenge to help you start to eat the right way in just one week. Each day you will receive an email jammed pack with nutrition lessons as I walk you through my secrets to losing 10 lbs, how to make easy wholefood recipes, what therapeutic proteins you need to start eating, the real truths about carbohydrates (and yes, they are your friends) and how to choose hear, brain and gut happy fats. We also discuss if organic and non-GMO is worth buying , the top 10 worst ingredients you must start avoiding and if you or your child have symptoms of a leaky gut. Together, we will begin your “let’s get healthy journey” as we tackle the one of the most important pillars- how to eat healthy!

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 Kid’s Healthy Shopping List

Kids at the supermarket holding a shopping listKid’s Healthy Shopping List is here! I created this 12 page jam-packed list in response to many of your emails and comments asking me what a product was I posted on social media, and if I would make a list of the very food choices I use with my children. I also use this very list in Food Therapy sessions in my office and my upcoming online food and nutrition program, My Food School. I don’t list the typical fruits and veggies you already should be buying for you children. This list will help you clean up your child’s food choices by removing toxin ingredients that can harm the nervous system, cells, immune system and much more. Toxins keep the nervous system from self-regulating which is KEY in helping a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders thrive.

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