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Why Do I Need to Understand a MTHFR Genetic Mutation?

MTHFR genetic mutation is when there is a mutation or change in the MTHFR gene that highly reduces the body's ability to convert folic acid or sometimes folate to usable natural form. This is because a MTHFR mutation interferes with the enzyme MTHFR which adds a methyl group to folic acid, making it usable by the body. Because this enzyme is needed to convert folic acid to a usable form, many health issues can occur without this process occurring, even at an reduced rate.

I am offering a free Facebook Live MTHFR Workshop event to help ​you understand what MTHFR is and steps you must follow to make sure you and your child's health issues are not because of this mutation. I have been lucky to be able to test many families in my Kind Gut™ nutrition program since the program includes nutrient and genetic testing for those who chose to do so. 

There are fascinating trends I have noticed among patients with certain health issues, low B vitamins, imbalanced thyroids and other nutrient deficiencies that have the MTHFR gene. In fact, I have at times noticed these trends without having tested for the MTHFR gene and once seeing these trends, have tested the patient only to find out they had the gene.

Amazing how some of your health issues can be caused by nutrient deficiencies, and those very deficiencies can be caused by a MTHFR genetic mutation! If we do not know this fact, treatment of the deficiencies would not have the same positive outcomes without addressing MTHFR issue. ​

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