Family Health

It is Time to Get Your Family Healthy

True Health Comes From Knowing How to Eat and Live Well


Creating a healthy family can be confusing especially in today’s world with food and nutrition news constantly changing. What is healthy? What is not? Why is this ever so confusing?

Why do some families seem to just know what to buy, eat and cook for their families? How do some parents get their kids to eat REAL FOOD such as fruits and vegetables? How is possible to not cook 4 different things so everyone is happy?

Why is this topic so infuriating, yet seems to come so easy to others?


Hey, I got your back here.

First, let me share you with you the BIG SECRET why some families get this and others do not: WISDOM and PRACTICE

You see, the families who eat  and live healthy lifestyles most likely have not their entire lives. The secret is at some point they chose to listen to others who are living and eating well. They learned little by little and practiced what they learned step by step.


Let Go of The Old and In with the NEW…

Be the Food Ninja Student and Learn!

Families that are healthy have learned the food wisdom and skills on what foods to buy, eat and cook.  Yes, this means educating the kids too and cooking with them. Healthy parents also embrace learning about how eating healthy foods is important in creating health and well being for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

There are many foods we eat today that are harmful to the body in many ways. This includes foods that make Autism Spectrum challenges worse. You need to make the changes necessary to create a healthy family.

Let go of the past. Embrace a new beginning with your family. Take the first small step in learning how choosing the right foods creates health and harmony in the body. Remember, healthy families learn not only from one another, but from people like me who live, sleep and breathe food wisdom.

Get started right now with some of my priceless free resources below.


If Your Family Drinks Gatorade Type Sports Drinks You Should Read This…

Do you buy conventional sports drinks such as Gatorade for your family?  Go Here to  learn why to avoid these drinks and  how easy it is to change this up.

How to Solve the Water Bottle Dilemma 

Knowing why using on-the-go water bottles is dangerous to your health and why you must STOP allowing your children to use them immediately. Read this and I will  teach you the dangers, how to spot them and how to make the safest water bottle for your family. Plus , you will learn the top chemicals that cause breast cancer right here.


Why You Must Start Dumping the Junk 

Call me a chocoholic if you must, but when I began to research what REALLY was in many of my beloved chocolate treats, I was so grossed out. You really should read this if you are like me and have a child with ASD. Many conventional candies contain harmful ingredients, linked to health problems such as tumors, attention deficits, hyperactivity, behavior and neurological problems. Crazy, I know, but let me show you how to  choose healthier treats.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Children”s Vitamin

and Dangers of the Wrong One

You many not realized  what really is is your children’s vitamins, including the higher quality health store brands. The research on this mother’s question was mind blowing and extremely important to share with you. Allow me to explain to you what lurks in many children’s vitamins and what simple changes you can make to avoid toxins in something aimed to create health. Vitamins can be safe and healthy as you will see here.

Finally, the Real Reasons Why You Should Never Feed Your Child Mc Donald’s Chicken Mc Nuggets

There have been many rumors as to why Mc Donald’s Chicken Mc Nuggets are not healthy. Read here to see what I discovered in my Mc Nugget research. Although you may not like to know how unhealthy these popular nuggets are, I share with you a recipe that you can be assured are healthy, yummy and a huge hits with kids I work with in my office (and my sons at home)!

Removing Harmful Toxins in Your Cleaning Products Can Improve Your Child’s Health

Our cleaning products are laden with chemicals that are harmful to our children’s health and well being, especially ones who have difficulty with self- regulation, sensory issues and health problems. Follow my list here of what ingredients to avoid, why you should avoid them and how to either make your own clean products or which ones you can purchase safely.


More to come!