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The Homework Survival Course teaches the parent in just 6 easy steps how to create a successful homework plan that eliminates reasons for anxiety, arguing, and meltdowns. It teaches the parent how to tackle organizational and communication problems between the teacher, parent and child as the parent implements six steps on how to do so. The homework survival course is Dr. Lisa Sulsenti’s personal plan that she created to help her son with ASD overcome homework problems that were at that time hellacious for her, his teachers and him. Her plan focuses on removing communication, organizational, and behavioral challenges as it provides a six step plan that is jammed packed with strategies, templates and solutions.                                    buy now2


Preventing Anxiety Naturally course teaches you effective strategies to use when teaching your child the skills to recognize feelings and thoughts that create anxiety. Once your child can recognize these, the next step is for you to learn the tools to teach your child how to prevent unwanted behaviors such as meltdowns created by anxiety. Dr Lisa focuses on two key secrets in how she helped her son: understanding how your child’s brain becomes overwhelmed and how to use effective adaptive strategies to teach your child the skills needed to calm down the brain’s excitement. Only your child can calm his/her brain down, but only you can teach your child the steps how to do this. Dr Lisa gives you countless tools and solutions in this easy video-style course for you. She walks you through exactly how she helped her son overcome anxiety and remove that monster from their home.   COMING SOON!