Create a Successful Academic Classroom

Small tricks to Producing a Productive Star Student


The journey of having a child and student on the Autism Spectrum can be overwhelmingly challenging. Effective adaptive strategies are you most precious resource. Cool thing is, you can’t have enough of them.

Why do some children on the Autism Spectrum succeed in the classroom while others seem to painfully struggle? Why do some just seem to so just fine while others…

How come some teachers work amazingly well with children on the Autism Spectrum while others just don’t?

The difference here has to do with providing tricks in supporting the nervous system and ultimately, the child.  Not busy work, but a busy nervous system.

No More Going About This Blindly:

Be The Master of All Tricks!

Parents and teachers  who succeed at helping provide academic support know the real truth:  that providing adaptive strategies and support work. And when one trick fails, they always have another up their sleeve ready to go.


Don’t blame Autism Spectrum Disorder for the not being able to help a child. There are many creative ways to accomplish creating academic success.

The trick is to fully understand how the nervous system is the culprit and how tricks can be used to keep it busy and under your control. You need to constantly up your game by learning  (and even re-learning) skills that empower you to create plans on how to deal with classroom challenges. You must always be ready to learn, try and re-try.

How to Turn Sad Faces on Papers Into Happy Ones

Some teachers are not aware of the anxiety and problems sad faces on papers may create for a child and parent. If your child is coming home with sad faces or even a short negative note to you, you must stop them from happening. Get why this way of communicating can be harmful to your child and what you can do to turn it all around here. 

      Try these 5 Back to School Secrets to Reduce Anxiety

Back to school time can create anxiety for many overtilted children. There have been many times my son and I were stressed out over back to school challenges, but  I quickly learned that I had the power to help him. Read this and I will share with you my simple back to school secrets that will reduce anxiety and tackle your child’s fears before school starts!

 Your Child Can Succeed with this Organizational Secret

Lockers can create a huge amount of anxiety for kids with sensory problems. Typically a child has to navigate from one class, down crazy crowded hallways, to his next class.Read this and I will teach you our secret how we  turned our son’s locker into an organizational haven thus,  decreasing and preventing  behavior, social skills, academic performance, melt downs and anxiety problems.