Chiropractic Services

Does this Sound Familiar?


  • Your child seems to catch colds easily, struggles with health issues and you feel he/she could be healthier
  • Allergies, sinus problem, ear infections, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, sensory problems and Autism Spectrum Disorders describe you child
  • Your child is growing and appears to be off balanced or favoring one side- maybe her head is tilted, one shoulder is lower than the other or feet turn in
  • Your child is active in sports and physical activities which may create opportunities for falling, tripping and landing on the ground.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help


Health issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD, ear infections, sinus/allergy problems, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, anxiety and back and joint pain are common among many children and families today. Unfortunately, they can create neurological barriers, compromising the body’s nervous system, digestive system and immune system.

chiropracticIf you want to create health and wellness  for you and your family,  addressing imbalances in the nervous system, digestive system and immune system is a highly effective natural solution.

These interferences within the nervous system are called subluxations. Drastic improvement in health and educational concerns such as attention, behavior and academics, have been reported when subluxations are removed and a treatment plan is followed accordingly. I can also say, I have witnessed these improvements  first hand.

Studies have shown that an adjustment of the spine can increase the production of brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine resulting in a decrease in neurological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

My goal is to RESTORE and RE-BALANCE the nervous, digestive and immune system and in doing so, allowing the nervous system to heal and self-regulate.


Visiting  Dr. Lisa’s Office -Atlantic Coast Chiropractic


 Your Fist Office Visit

During your first office visit, I will evaluate your child’s spine and locate subluxations created by  emotional, physical and chemical imbalances.  We will discuss your health concerns and questions, discussing my findings as well. Our friendly office staff will verify your  insurance benefits and discuss with you finances that are acceptable to you.

Your Following Office Visits

If you are interested in chiropractic services, after a complete examination, we will discuss my findings and correlations pertaining to your child’s health concerns, if present. My purpose is to provide chiropractic adjustments and  restore balance by removing detrimental inferences, impeding healing and proper regulation of the nervous system.

We will also create a chiropractic management plan specific to your child’s needs. In this plan we will set realistic goals on how you can overcome neurological challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. In doing so, we  will also examine your family’s nutritional needs, addressing the digestive and immune system.

Do not be surprised upon several chiropractic visits, you may notice a tremendous improvement in your child’s attention, behavior, digestive issues, sinuses and immune system. That is the beauty of chiropractic care!

If you are interested meeting me IN PERSON  for a  chiropractic visit, simply contact my office @ 732-477-5888 to make an appointment.

We are located at 74 Brick Blvd Suite 104, Brick NJ 08723.

I can’t wait to meet you and your family!