As many of you may know, it is my mission to create healthy and thriving families, tackling chronic health conditions and Autism Spectrum Disorders. I do this by teaching them my secret formula, The Kind Gut.™ Along this journey of helping others, I was asked to be a contributing author of The Autism File […]

One of your goals should be to take a unhealthy favorite dish and turn it into a healthier version. This is really important if you have children because many of the dishes they love are down right unhealthy. One gift I have been given is to be able to look at a recipe and think […]

Sometimes I just want to munch on something crispy, salty and healthy. Or, there are times I am looking for a simple gut happy side dish to go with my famous Homemade Chicken Nuggets or Pulled BBQ Chicken recipes. Glad to share with you my delicious gut happy zucchini chips winner! You will also love […]

Kristen Noel,  Editor-in-chief, Best Self Magazine, shares with us how to follow our dreams and create a happy life. I met Kristen in a serendipitous kind of moment. One night a few girl friends and I ventured into NYC to join Kris Carr for her new book launch, Crazy Sexy Juice. We bought the VIP tickets because […]

This is a refreshing and healthy summertime snack or dessert. I love to serve this when we have a BBQ at our house instead of an unhealthy dessert loaded with sugars, dyes and processed ingredients. Watermelon is loaded with vitamins such as Vitamins A and C. It boosts the immune system, aides in lowering blood […]

Berry Bash Salad

July 3, 2017

  This is a great summertime salad. I love to make it for a Fourth of July picnic because it is so colorful and healthy. You do not have to attend or host a summertime BBQ that serves unhealthy foods. BBQs and picnics are not excuses to eat unhealthy or cheat days. Instead, make a […]

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Top 3 Safest Sunscreens

June 6, 2017

“Dr. Lisa, I have just begun trying to buy clean body products, and I know sunscreen is one product I have to do better with this year. Can you explain to me what bad ingredients I need to look for? And if you have a sunscreen you recommend or use, could you share it with […]

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Pulled BBQ Chicken

June 2, 2017

When I find a recipe that is a HUGE hit with my teenage boys (that includes the hubby), I have to share it with you as soon as possible. This past weekend I decided to make my Pulled BBQ Chicken using my slow cooker, and it was gone within ONE day. That is how I […]

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Gorgeous Green Juice

May 25, 2017

  This recipe is deliciously healthy. The green veggies and fruit in it will add antioxidants and vitamins to your body, especially B vitamins. I often refer green juices as vitamin B injections as it is a great way to get a boost of these lovely vitamins right into your blood stream during the day, […]

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Egglicious Oatmeal Bowl

May 18, 2017

This bowl I didn’t think would taste as amazing as it does. Honestly, I could not imagine egg with oatmeal. Let me tell you if you haven’t tried this bowl, you have to. I fell in love with the first bite. The mix of the veggies, egg and oatmeal is a perfect blend, AND you […]

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