Autism Support

“Teach the Skills, Do Not Expect Them”

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Yes. This is my mantra I live by and teach others. It is your turn.

If you are feeling overwhelmed not knowing how to help your child overcome certain behaviors and challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorders and want solutions, you have come to the right place.

You may be feeling lost and alone, being truly the ONLY ONE who is embracing your child being different and trying to figure out HOW to help him/her shine and ready for someone to step in and help you. I am that person here to help you do so.

Find strategies and solutions fast with a one hour Autism Spectrum  coaching session!

If your child is struggling with poor behavior, meltdowns, schoolwork, making friends or fitting in or has difficulty communicating at home, is overtaken by anxiety and resists change, and you want a family that is calmer and happier with the ability to go out in the world without drama and chaos, you have come to the right place.

If you child is a picky eater and avoids food due to a sensory issue or a strong unwillingness to try new and healthy foods and you want to be able to cook and serve healthy nutritious meals that your child and the entire family will love, I have the solutions for you right here.

I know I am the right person for you because I once was (just a few years ago) right where you are. My world was upside down with meltdowns that would spark out of nowhere. My son struggled with anxieties that would keep him from making and keeping friends, interacting within our family, getting good grades at school and being happy. He was growing into a frustrated, angry boy who was quickly becoming very alone in his world.

I know what it is like to know you will do anything to help your child, but not know what that anything is. I also get that not knowing how to help a child and just desperately trying random things only creates more confusion, meltdowns and chaos. I will teach you what strategies work and how to use them correctly.

I was alone. I understand how quickly loved ones will jump ship when things get very rough and I know they should support you and your child, but instead may make things harder for you and I have the answers on how to deal with them too.

I admit I feel alone, overwhelmed and need a one hour  Autism Spectrum coaching session!

There is a fine line in how to deal with negative people in your life and at your child’s school as well. I can assure you that after 12 years of mastering how to help my son, I will give you the understanding of how to effectively advocate for your child, getting what you want and what your child rightfully deserves.

My journey as a mom with a boy with Autism Spectrum Disorders began 12 years ago and I was alone, wishing there was ONE person who could lead me through he darkest times. I wish there was someone there to coach me!

I am not only a mom of three amazing boys, one with Autism Spectrum Disorders, who has overcame extreme behavior problems, but I am a professional as well.

I have an extensive background in alternative medicine as a chiropractor and nutritionist for over 20 years. I have adjusted and coached patients with various health concerns. I also have dedicated a tremendous part of my practice providing Autism Spectrum coaching for families with home, school and nutritional challenges

I am author of the popular book, The Overtilted Child: Creating a Sensational Classroom for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorders and ADD/ADHD. In this book, on my website and in my office, I share the very secrets and solutions of how I helped my son and family overcome many challenges related to ASD.

Yes, I am ready to help me and my child in a one hour Autism Spectrum coaching session.

My job is to “meet you where you and your child are” by creating a management plan that fits your needs and meets your goals in creating success for your child.  Whether you just found out your child has Autism Spectrum Disorders or have been on the ASD journey for some time trying to figure out how to better help your child,  I can provide a service and create a plan that is right for you.

My passion is helping parents learn and implement the necessary strategies and solutions to create Autism Spectrum breakthroughs at home and in school and ultimately, success for their child.  I’m confident that I can help you and your child gain control, harmony and success in life!  I’d love to get started on this journey with you and I offer a a one hour consultation to connect and confirm we are a good fit, so what have you got to lose?

Let’s change your child’s life, making it fantastic! Remember, EVERYONE MATTERS!