Autism Spectrum Challenges

 Tips On How to Create a Thriving Autism Family


Am I the only one who feels like I have lost control of my family?

Where do I go to find help? How do I build a TEAM of professionals that will help my child succeed in life?

What if all my time, money and efforts do no help my child or my family?

These thoughts are all normal and okay, honest.

It is creating a plan on how to create success for your child that will make all the difference.


How to Deal with ASD Challenges Right Now


It is both sad and very frustrating to feel so alone and helpless when faced with the news that a child has Autism Spectrum Disorders (or other neurological problems such as Sensory Processing Disorder, and  ADD/ADHD) . The journey can be exhausting and overwhelming beyond words.

But did you know are proven methods to turning helplessness into fuel and empowerment?

Here are my top FREE RESOURCES to get you started right now.

No worries, you are not alone here.


Having a Picky Eater Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADD/ADHD quite often struggle with eating a variety of foods. This can be due to an oral motor or sensory issue, as well as, an attention challenge. If you are looking for ways to help your picky eater enjoy more healthy foods, read and try this.


Building a Supportive ASD Team Can Be Done

If you are wondering if it is possible  to build a supportive team of professionals that can help your child overcome many challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, the answer is YES. I have done it and when done correctly, your life becomes easier and happier. Read here how I created a SUPER TEAM for my son and how you can too!


Stress Free Homework Time  with Your Child Is Possible

If you are having homework problems, I would love to share with you a Homework Plan that I created and implemented in my home and school, stopping the madness right in its tracks. In doing so, it allowed me and my son’s teacher to teach him the skills of doing homework instead of avoiding it. Read how I did it and how you can too!


You Can Prevent Social Anxiety During the Holidays with My 5 Tips

Social anxiety during the holidays can be overwhelming for both a parent and child. Learn what to do before going to a family gathering and how to prevent meltdowns when opening gifts, hugging guests, eating at the table and making it through the day. Go here to find out how we made it through many difficult holidays.

More goodies to help you overcome Autism Challenges on the way…