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Welcome to my digital world of creating a healthy and thriving family. I am a chiropractor, nutritionist, author, and crusader for families with chronic health problems and Autism Spectrum DisordersI am passionate about YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, helping you build the healthy and happy balanced life that you desire.

This is the place where I share my deepest experiences and knowledge about how to overcome chronic health and ASD problems so you can begin to embrace a happy life!

I will transform you into a healthy person who is confident in overcoming nutritional and health challenges.

I Was Simply Being Me and THEN…

I have been blessed with the gift to help thousands of patients reclaim their health with chiropractic and nutrition over the past 20 years, but no program has worked as successful as my Vitamin Testing and Kind Gut™t program.

This 5 visit one-on-one program focuses on determining if you or your family’s health concern is linked to a leaky gut and if so, targeting the type of leaky gut and the tools to facilitate healing. This program also includes a very extensive vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, thyroid, hormone, adrenal, cardio and immune system testing as well as leaky gut therapeutic menus, organic supplements and nutritional management plans.

Patients are coming to my office or working with me from all over the country video style through means such as Skype or Face Time where they are finally discovering how to overcome chronic health issues not responsive to medical treatments.

Many patients are struggling with health issues such as health concerns such as fatigue, irritable bowel, thyroid and hormone imbalances, high blood pressure and cholesterol, anxiety, migraines, skin issues and an inability to lose weight and are “just getting by day to day living with their poor health.”

My Vitamin Testing and Kind Gut™ program is based on my 20 years of nutritional experiences allowing me to create therapeutic menus and effective nutritional management plans that WORK.

My Personal Irritable Bowel and Seasonal Allergies are Gone!

The reason my Vitamin Testing and Kind Gut™ program is so successful is because it was created to help me overcome my chronic irritable bowel issues and chronic seasonal allergies. I suffered from IBS for many years after losing my gallbladder after the birth of my third son. I found myself in situations where I would need a bathroom in under 5 minutes flat. I became afraid to eat out or take a long car ride in fear a bathroom would be out of reach.

My seasonal allergies, although responded well to chiropractic adjustments, were just not clearing up. I still found myself getting congested and having a postnasal drip despite adjustments preventing chronic sinus infections and bronchitis.

I knew there had to be a solution to stopping IBS and my seasonal allergies, yet not eating out or driving in a car were not options what-so-ever!

Over the years I read lab tests, created healthy menus and recommended supplements to over thousands of patients taking notes of what worked and what did not for a variety of health problems. I also jumped head-first into learning about how a leaky gut affects our brain, joints, skin, muscles, thyroid and reproductive organs as well as histamine production.

I created an amazing Vitamin Testing and Kind Gut™ program after years of figuring out how to heal my very own leaky gut and vitamin and mineral deficiencies and working with thousands of nutritional cases. After all my experience, I now am helping even more patients overcome chronic health problems that they almost have given up on.

My journey has changed my family’s life forever and now, it can transform yours! 

I must pause and say that nothing prepared me for having a beautiful son with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Shortly after he was born, I suddenly became a person without the answers on how to help him and our family. I painfully watched my son struggle with severe sensory, attention, motor, social and behavioral issues within our home and at school.

I cried  myself to sleep every night, argued with just about everyone, and desperately tried to create harmony and  peace for my family until one day I realized I had to BE THE CHANGE . I utilized my knowledge of neurology, chiropractic, nutrition and living a health lifestyle and intertwined the implementation of creative adaptive strategies within the home and classroom. I jumped headfirst into being a crusader for families like ours and 13 years later, I am on fire!  Best thing ever…

In fact, it was the very first news of how gluten may be linked to Autism that caught my eye and started my journey in discovering the answer goes well beyond gluten. I learned as research improved that a leaky gut can create health, behavior and mood problems quite often triggered by foods such as gluten and dairy (and many more)!

Being a mother of a gorgeous boy with Autism Spectrum Disorders has created a world blessed with many children just like him. My world at home is filled with similar friends and families and my practice is expanding with families just like ours.  Motherhood entwined within the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders has changed me beautifully, entirely and amazingly. I have become more compassionate and patient. I no longer am quick to judge another person. Instead, I have learned to be very mindful of my thoughts, words and actions towards others. My son has taught me to embrace every opportunity to lean in and help others who are OVERTILTED, overwhelmed and simply, lost.

I have learned to help my son over the years through nutrition, chiropractic and adaptive strategies both at home and in school. Addressing his leaky gut and vitamin and mineral deficiencies was also key in helping him. If you wonder if you or your child have a leaky gut, take my Leaky Gut Quiz to find out.

I have written a popular self-help book  for Autism and created  a family owned family wellness center for you to reclaim your family’s health and restore balance in your life.

 You Can Sign Up for My Vitamin and Kind Gut™ Consultation that Will Transform Your Family’s Life!

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 Ask Dr. Lisa Blog

Ask Dr Lisa is my blog. Think of it as my digital office where you can email me your questions and I will answer them blog-style.  My passion and gift is helping you create health, nutrition and Autism Spectrum breakthroughs so you and your family can have a happy and harmonious life.  I am honored to be a contributing writer to the Autism File Magazine and also featured in Golf , Dr. Hoffman’s The Intelligent Podcast and Kris Carr’s Business Spotlight Course. I am tickled pink to teach you exactly how to get your family living a healthy and happy life!

ASD Expert Coaching Sessions

Whether you or your child are suffering from a chronic health issue or are overwhelmed in school with making friends, paying attention, anxiety or behavior,  my Expert Coaching Sessions are an excellent solution. Here I discuss your family concerns and goals in depth, creating an ASD management plan that best fits your family needs so you will feel confident in knowing how to help your child succeed. You also may love my online Autism courses I am always working on sharing how I helped my son overcome ASD.

My Free Private Heal and Thrive Support Group

Stop on over and check out my FREE private Heal and Thrive Support Group where real people like you and me join together to share stories, support and strategies on how to create healthy  families. I offer personal support and love sharing our golden secrets on how we helped so may patients overcome chronic health issues as well as help our son shine at home and in school. You will no longer feel alone or misunderstood once you join our community. I am there daily to answer your private questions and help in any way that I can.

 I Look Forward to Meeting You & Would Love to Help You

I love writing about health challenges, but I am most passionate about teaching you how to overcome them.  Surf on by and connect with me also on social media at   Dr. Lisa Sulsenti  Facebook ,  TwitterInstagram and  Pinterest  as I share brilliant adaptive home and classroom strategies and clean easy healthy family recipes. Feel free to comment, send me your questions and say hello at any time.

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