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February 4, 2017

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“Dr. Lisa, Valentine’s Day is coming up ! What candy can I get my son and daughter that is not full of dyes and bad ingredients? What do you give your kids and where can I buy them? And, do you have any great ideas for their class parties? Thank-you.” – Grace, MA

Okay, I have a huge confession to make- I can’t stand Valentine’s day. Now, I know some of you love it, but I just never got into this one. Maybe I don’t like the commercialism of LOVE or that flowers costs you a paycheck or because society has picked this ONE special day to express gratitude and love when we should be kind every day.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I am all for taking time in our days to express kindness and love towards those that we care about. The hectic rush of everyday can leave us forgetting to stop, be in the moment and appreciate those in our lives. Life is precious, sweet and way to short to not do so.

My Yummy Valentine Candy Picks

I also am a mamma bear with three fantastic sons, so I have to admit I enjoy showing them how much I appreciate and love them on this awkward “holiday” (I don’t go cray cay here- something little, something sweet).

However, before I made the switch to buying healthier choices, I found myself giving my kids and their friends at school candy that is loaded with harmful ingredients. Doing so didn’t make me feel good about who I am and what I do.  In fact I felt every time a holiday rolled around, I  was suppose to allow my kids to eat toxic junk just on this one special day.  If you need to learn more about what really is in your conventional candy choices read my articles here and here- they are life-changing! You don’t want to miss these!  


I would like you to join me in this year in  MAKING THE SWITCH, meaning taking a candy your kids (or special someone) love and choosing a healthier alternative to it. It’s easy to do. Simply  DOWNLOAD my MAKING THE SWITCH FREE GUIDE to see what candies you can pick in place of your conventional favorites. I also teach you what harmful ingredients to watch out for lurking in your conventional Valentine’s Day candy.

My Son’s Favorite Non-Candy Valentine’s

One of my sons came home from school and said to me, “How come you don’t let me give out cool things for Valentine’s Day?” I paused for a moment because I was not sure where he was headed with this. I slowly replied, ” Well, what cool thing would like to give out if you could?”

He replied, “I don’t know, but last year someone gave out smelly pencils and someone else gave out glow in the dark sticks -everyone loved them. You gave them out on Halloween, so why not on this candy day too?” I chuckled that this little guy had no idea that this “day” would change from a candy day to spend your paycheck on flowers day. The innocence of a special day to get candy or little toys.

I simply replied, “I think it is a great idea. Let’s google some ideas and pick one!”


So instead of handing out conventional candy that is full of harmful chemicals, ones that kids with food allergies cannot have or pricey organic candy, we found some fun and affordable ideas (and have given some of these out over the years). See if your child would enjoy giving one as a Valentine’s in the classroom from these adorable choices by Super Healthy Kids!

Also check out these adorable Have a Ball ideas by Just a Girl and Her Blog! My boys loved these balls when they were little as they make great sensory and fidget toys. My little guy is a Lego nut, so also check out Just a Girl and Her Blog’s Lego-Inspired Printable Valentine’s  and her fun You’re a Hit with Me Valentine’s. 

No matter what you choose remember this day is about kindness and showing your love for others. So the best thing is something homemade or doing something nice for another. Our Valentine’s do not always have to be bought or showy- my favorite is when my three boys make me a smoothie and snuggle on the couch to watch a movie. Having all three home with me (spending time with me as busy teenagers) is the best love a mom could ask for.

I guess this day is not so bad after all! Enjoy…




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