Bumps in the Road and Tornadoes in the Backyard

February 15, 2016

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Dr Lisa, I have to be honest. Some days having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders feels like I am living in the middle of unexpected  tornadoes, never knowing at any moment that my world can be thrown into heart wrenching chaos. I love my son more than anything, but I feel like my world is swirling around me as it swallows me up. I find myself fighting storm after storm instead of enjoying my time with my kids. Can you help me find the rainbow in the darkest part of the storm? “~ Natalie SC

No one promised us life would be fair. No one said it would be easy (and no one claimed it would go smoothly). But somewhere along the way, we expect it to be. Was it the happily ever after endings in childhood movies? Was it the life is ever so wonderful children’s books? Could it be how lucky we may be to have gotten this far without too many bumps in the road?

Now, some of us beautiful divas have bumps similar to a pimple, whereas others divas face beastly mountains. I may be using the word bump while you are thinking, Doc, why don’t you stop on over and see the actual tornadoes ripping through my life.  I wish they were mere little bumps

Pause. Humility. Prayer.

But that is my point.

If we want to land on the moon, we have to jump some gigantic hurdles to get there.  We must work through all the gunk life throws at us, dragging our girly pants through the wash and show up shining. That thing, that something or even those many slimy things ( think – fear loving monsters that hold us down, keep us back and forever squash our dazzling inner beauty) can’t dampen our sparks forever.

Simply put, life’s gunk does not define our spunk. 

Bad marriages, men, women, jobs, friendships or business adventures happen (as does the real gnarly dude things such as illness and death). Life simply throw curves and punches as many of us are not ready.  You may think  Crap, I just did not see that one coming or Why me?  Honey, life’s road bumps and tornadoes do not define who you are or where you are going. However, they do provide opportunities to embrace life, clean up the gunk and dig deep within to reconnect with your inner being.

You may ask for a miracle, but in all reality your miracle is within overcoming that bump, cleaning up the tornado and ultimately, finding your way back to inner peace.

So, today be thankful that you are alive. Look up at the sky today and breathe in life. No more Poor me or the blame game. Your problems are there, but you are blessed to have the ability to tackle them, resonate with them and compassionately use them for greater good. We are all here for a bigger purpose secretly unknown to us.  Allowing the burdens to hold you back simply keeps you from a happily ever after ending.

I promise you there will be more bumps and tornadoes in your life, but allowing your inner beauty to work through and let go of them will jazz your soul, mind and life.  Only you define you. Only you choose if, how and when you will  land on the moon.  And no matter if  you show up in flip flops or a party dress (or both),  I will be there with you too!

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