Two Negatives, A Positive and an Airplane

February 7, 2015

in Happiness

Sad child playing with toy wooden airplaneI have to share a funny story  that occurred in the midst of motherhood. It was one of those I hope I make it to my next birthday moments. No joking.

Mothering three boys is in itself a magical experience. Not to be confused with  moments that sweep me off my feet. More like magical as in what just happened and who the heck just Houdini-ed  me! Moments when you really can’t make this stuff up.

So, there we were in our family car. My boys were bickering over who only knows. Could be over world peace, but I doubt it.

I took this very precious and “magical” moment to teach kindness, compassion and you bet, brotherly love. I proceeded to simply say to all three, You know guys, in every word and every moment we have a choice to say something negative or positive. Why don’t we try saying nice positive things to one another? 

Quietness and pause.

And my oldest replied, You know Mom, you are leaving out neutral. There is actually negative, positive and neutral. So technically, you are wrong. 

Is he kidding me?

I replied with a simple, No. You choose in each moment positive or negative thoughts, words and actions. There is no neutral. So stop fighting with your brothers. That goes for all three of you.

Then my middle guy chimed in to backup his brother (who may I remind you was just bickering with him, but now has chosen to defend his brother as they take me on). He added, As I see it, two negatives make a positive so I am going with that.

I pondered this thinking, is he choosing two negatives in conclusion that a positive result will occur? Oh my. My knuckles were curling on steering wheel. Is he serious?

And then it happened, all three burst out laughing as the giggles engulfed my three sons.

So my little man yelled out (he was finding this oh so funny), Yeah and two lefts make a right, Mom!

They all were hysterically laughing. Me? I was still trying to teach the lesson of kind words, but losing the battle to the giggles.

Later that evening, I was scolding one of them for who knows what, and in the midst of this scolding one of them yells out Mom! You are choosing negative! Scolding him is negative. Be positive mom! Or try neutral. 

And smack in the middle of disciplining one, or heck maybe it was two of them, they all began to laugh uncontrollably. They laughed so hard they were holding their tummies and filling my home with their deepest belly laughs I love so much. In that very moment magic did happen because my heart and home filled with the harmony of their love and laughter.

And then I heard one say, Neutral Mom like Switzerland

And another giggler say,  Yeah Mom, two wrongs don’t make a right.

And his brother replied in laughter, Yeah, but two Wrights make an airplane ( insert here that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane).

All three were beyond the giggles and practically crying from either laughter or belly pain, rolling around the living room floor.

As I was still standing there trying to discipline my crew, my husband simply shook his head as to say to me I am not really sure what is wrong with them. I think they get this from you. We were both trying not to laugh, but simply could not resist and joined in.

Motherhood is not easy, but  may your children allow laughter to bring positive energy, light and love into those what is wrong with my kid situation. There are many days I wonder if my  boys even understand my lessons, but as I share with you this story, I can see how they took a negative behavior wrapped up in a correction and lecture by me, and transformed it into a positive moment of kindness and laughter.

Breathe my dear hot mommas. I assure you that somewhere in the midst of the craziness we are making a difference!

This is an a true story from my book, Naked Moxie: Rocking Life as a Superwomen. If you would like more heart-felt stories like this gem, click here to get your copy! 


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Jodi February 13, 2015

Love this. Proof that they are listening. Seriously…they are.

Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Lisa February 15, 2015

I agree! My boys are taking it all in, but they sure can get out of me disciplining them! lol ~ Dr. Lisa

Karin February 19, 2015

Love this! Those moments in the car are more precious than we know right now. Thanks for the reminder.

Dr. Lisa February 19, 2015

Karin,so very true! Now even as teenagers, the best conversations can be in the car! ~Dr. Lisa

Kristen February 20, 2015

Love this! It’s amazing how kids are sponges. Clearly, you are a good mamma if they are picking up awesome stuff like this 🙂

Dr. Lisa February 21, 2015

Kristen, thank you. I sometimes shake my head though as in disciplining I am trying to make a point (being kind) and they just laugh me off. And sometimes, I just take it all too seriously. lol ~Dr. Lisa

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