Homemade Hot Chocolate- A Healthier Choice

December 17, 2014

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Homemade Hot Chocolate


My kids love hot chocolate in the winter, but I do not buy the conventional kind as they are jammed back with harmful ingredients. Instead, I make my own so I can control the ingredients. I use this cocoa powder here.  It is certified organic, raw and fair trade whereas many of the conventional powders are laden with chemicals, processed with alkali and do not use fair trade practices. You can learn more about chocolate in my article here.

These is a lot to learn when choosing the healthiest chocolate- and yes, chocolate can be good for you IF chosen correctly! You do have to sweeten the cocoa powder. I use certified organic sugar which seems to be liked best by my kids. I like this product here which is sold in bulk, certified organic and fair trade (you can buy it in smaller amounts too, but this bulk option is cheaper in long run) and this vanilla brand here. 

The goal in this delicious hot cup of yumminess, is to not use cocoa that has been over processed or ruined with harmful ingredients or ingredients laden with GMOs and other toxic chemicals. Instead, enjoy a nice hot cup of chocolate warmth as the snow falls and your body defrosts.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe


3 tbsp organic unsweetened cocoa
3 tbsp organic sugar
2 cups organic milk, almond
1 tsp of organic liquid vanilla


Mix cocoa and sugar in bowl. Add to pan on stove. Heat and slowly add milk, stirring frequently. When melted, add vanilla. Serves two warm cups.

Printable Recipe

Homemade Clean Hot Chocolate

This is a healthier alternative to toxic conventional hot cocoas. To make this even easier, simply mix the dry ingredients and store in a glass air tight jar for easy access in future. Remember, to use all organic ingredients to avoid harmful ingredients and boost the health factor. My kids love this drink!


  • 3 tbsp organic cocoa
  • 3 tbsp organic sugar
  • 2 cups organic milk, almond
  • 1 tsp of organic liquid vanilla


  1. Mix cocoa and sugar in bowl. Add to pan on stove.
  2. Heat and slowly add milk, stirring frequently.
  3. When melted, add vanilla.
  4. Serves two warm cups.

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Jodi Brown December 17, 2014

Ummmmm, yummo. I’ll be enjoying this easy one over the holiday week.

Dr. Lisa December 17, 2014

Jodi, It is a good one! Enjoy and Happy Holidays! ~Dr Lisa

Karin December 18, 2014

Love homemade hot chocolate. So much better than the stuff they sell. And it’s good for us.

Dr. Lisa December 18, 2014

Karin, I love this drink too. Trying to educate others on how this yummy drink can be healthy or dangerous, depending on the ingredients is our goal, right? ~ Dr. Lisa

Rochelle December 18, 2014

Looks great Lisa. So simple and delicious.

Dr. Lisa December 22, 2014

Thanks Rochelle! I think getting back to simple ingredients is where we need to be. ~Dr. Lisa

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