To Those Mothers Whose Kids are a Little Different

December 7, 2014

in Autism Challenges, Happiness


To those mothers whose kids are a little different,
May you see your child as the beautiful and inspiring
Little soul he is and know that
When the time is right, he will shine
Brighter than your mind can ever imagine.

Indeed, some days can be hard,
Seeming only to end in a bad week
With hopeless nights that leave you
Worrying and wondering
Will others see the wonderful child,
The gifted soul, that I see?

To all the mothers of children who are a little different,
May you know that you are never alone,
Always loved, and are truly blessed to have
A child as wonderful as yours.
Your journey humbles others, teaches compassion,
And emanates love to all children, different or not.
Let you child’s heart grow, mind explore and gift shine
Upon all children; Upon all mothers; Upon all living things.

~Dr. Lisa @ The Overtilted Child Book

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Karin December 11, 2014

Beautiful poem, Lisa. I love the picture too.

Jodi Brown December 12, 2014


Dr. Lisa December 12, 2014

I love this one too! 🙂

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